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Before becoming parents, I used to insist to my wife how little sleep I needed.

In fact I certainly could have done with more sleep, but I most often went to bed late and left the bed early.

This way, I could squeeze out as much of a day as possible and have time for work, quality together-time, and, at night, quality me-time. Every few weeks I would go to bed early and sleep in to recharge my sleep-battery.

Now we've learned that while I'm fine with little sleep, it's only if it's uninterrupted. I sleep like a stone, but after a few times, my wife started thinking twice if she should really wake me so that she could get some sleep, because – and I remember it now – I'm obviously grumpy when I don't choose when to be sleeping or awake.

I chose to stay up late. The baby, of course, doesn't care, but my wife shouldn't be the one to suffer from my choices.

Will I be able to change my habits? I don't know if and when, but until then, the least I can do is to show my loved ones that I care (because I do), even when I'm roused from sleep.

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