“Hyper-Parenting, Genders, not teaching to say thank you – this isn't my world (anymore)” he said and announced a relationship pause.

I totally get why parents of the Boomer generation parented differently than today. They learned it from their parents alone, and had no other information sources for alternatives. My grand parents' generation and people from the generations before had hard lives, patriarchy was more “blunt”.

Letting your kids cry themselves to sleep at night was an important training to make them independent. When they stopped crying after a few nights, the lesson was a success – why would one assume that they stopped only because they've given up having learned that, when in distress, nobody would come to soothe them?

I get it.

What I don't understand is why it is an affront to them when we do things differently today.

I wish I could share the deeply satisfying and rewarding feeling with them when I see my child on the baby monitor waking up late at night, looking around and saying softly “Papa? Papa?”, and the joy on their face when I go to them to take them in my arms.